Advanced Sports Analysis

The overall goal of this website is to provide a more advanced view on sports than what is already provided online today. As someone cruises through the internet, thousands of pages pop up providing different views on teams, players, and executives. However, we’ve found that most articles are primarily ruled by emotion. Because of this, many of the points made can be countered.

For instance, in November of 2012, the Miami Marlins made a blockbuster trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. The trade was an indication of the future for both franchises, with one team flexing their financial muscles to compete with the likes of Boston and New York, and the other daringly starting over from scratch for the third time in the organizations’ short 20 year life. Immediately, the trade was lauded for Toronto and labeled as another black eye on the record of an organization considered by many to be an embarrassment. Two years later, the Marlins would win only six less games than the Blue Jays, with a payroll of roughly one third the size. What happened? As it turns out, the massive trade created a more clean and sturdy base on which the Marlins could build a team on, while the Blue Jays had tied up a lot of resources on only a few players. While only one of the prospects traded to the Marlins (Jake Marisnick) was a top 50 MLB prospect, the other players acquired all had their own skill set that Miami saw as an opportunity to buy low on and develop through their minor league system. There are a host of other details to get into, however that is for another time.

Miami to Toronto

The point is that many of the free-lance articles written in 2012 simply looked at top prospect lists and the back of the established players’ baseball cards. They didn’t dig into the small features of each player, or even the bigger details a deal of this magnitude would have on a franchise moving forward.  That is what this website will push to do.

We will not use generalities as main points.

On the baseball side, we will use advanced metrics such as xFIP, wRC+, and WAR to support our cases. We will calculate team revenues, and find out how feasible it is for teams to sign certain players, and why some moves that may be considered an “overpay” can actually be the main reason why an organization’s revenue skyrockets. In the future, we will look to expand to other sports, while also throwing in some satire and humor along the way.

Thank you, and welcome to FloridaSportsView!

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