Calamity at Stamford Bridge

On Saturday afternoon, Jose Mourinho channelled his inner Marshawn Lynch in the post match interview after he had seen his hapless Chelsea side succumb to yet another defeat at Stamford Bridge. On this occasion, a resurgent Liverpool side under the tutelage of the charismatic Jurgen Klopp, former manager of Borussia Dortmund came from behind to win on the back of a brilliant brace from Phillipe Coutinho and a fine finish provided by Liverpool’s new number nine, Christian Benteke. As Mourinho was prodded and poked for a reation of sorts, or maybe even an explanation for the current state of his football team, he could all but recycle the same phrase, “I have nothing to say”.

Is it any surprise though that Jose was at a loss for words? His Chelsea team which currently sits at 15th on the Barclays Premier League table, are already 14 points away from joint league leaders Manchester City and Arsenal, and with a dismal -6 goal difference for the season. 11 games into the new season, they have already fallen to 6 defeats; double the amount they suffered in all of last season.

The goals have dried up, and the defense is leaking goals at an alarming rate. Mourinho has gone from started by blaming and eventually demoting his team doctors, Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn. Carneiro and Fearn were called on by the referee during a 2-2 draw at home to treat former Player of the Year, Eden Hazard.

The action occurred during the dying embers of the game, and much to the dismay of Jose Mourinho, his team doctors did their job. Mourinho perceived their actions as “naïve” as his team was already down to ten men after the dismissal of goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtouis. Hazard would have to leave the pitch after seeing treatment from Carneiro and Fearn, leaving Chelsea down to 9 men as they defended the draw at home. After Mourinho’s dismissal of the 2 legal proceedings have since been opened. This proved to be the first domino to fall in this calamitous season for Chelsea.

jose_mourinho_coach_chelsea_103724_1920x1080 In the long run, the fiasco that began at the start of the season was simply a smokescreen for the disaster that has been Chelsea’s season from the very start. Mourinho has been known to be the type of manager to try to deflect the blame from his players, but he has had to use every excuse available to him this season. He has gone from blaming his doctors, to blaming the referees, and even going to the extent of claiming that the Football Association and the media has a “Campaign against Chelsea”. He has even dropped as low as to blame his own players for underperforming.

On Saturday, Mourinho simply ran out of excuses. He answered the questions posed to him with the same phrase, “I have nothing to say”, and it is no surprise anymore. One of his players is rumored to have said “I’d rather lose than win playing for Mourinho”. Although a statement of the like could be made in the heat of the moment, and requires more context before anything can be made of it, it is largely indicative of the current atmosphere in the dressing room at Stamford Bridge.

In some ways, that post match interview was an amalgam of Mourinho’s team this season: Lacking in ideas, overly defensive and completely out of touch with reality. Something has to give, and it is beginning to seem as though his time at Stamford Bridge is coming to a screeching halt.

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  1. Hello, thanks for your comment! I am the author of the article. I would love to see him given the opportunity to turn this situation around, but I highly doubt that he will be afforded that. Rumors say that his last game will be against Stoke City at the weekend, win or lose. If he is given an opportunity to continue, I do believe his side will come good eventually, however when they do, it may be too little too late.


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